We are pleased to announce we have added new panels for dyslipidemias and familial hypercholesterolemia to our testing menu! Dyslipidemias are a clinically and genetically heterogenous group of disorders associated with abnormal levels of lipids and lipoproteins, including increased or decreased levels of LDL or HDL cholesterol or increased levels of triglycerides. The most common subset of monogenic dyslipidemia is familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), which has an estimated prevalence of 1 in 200 in the Caucasian population. 

More information about these new panel options can be found on the individual test pages on our website:

Dyslipidemia Sequencing Panel (23 genes)
Dyslipidemia Deletion/Duplication Panel (23 genes)
Hypercholesterolemia Sequencing Panel (10 genes)
Hypercholesterolemia Deletion/Duplication Panel (10 genes)