The University of Chicago Genetic Services is a leader in providing clinical genetic testing and we are pleased to introduce our Ataxia Exome Panel to our menu of exome sequencing tests.

Ataxias are a heterogeneous group of neurological disorders affecting individuals of all age groups and are characterized by the incoordination of voluntary movements.  Features can include cerebellar dysfunction involving disturbance of stance, gait, eye movements, muscle tone, skilled movements and speech.

Working closely with both key researchers and clinicians in the field of ataxia, UCGS introduces the Ataxia Exome Panel, which involves analysis of exome sequencing data in a predefined set of 331 genes associated with ataxia.  These include genes known to be associated with ataxia as the predominant feature, genes associated with ataxia as part of the phenotype, and genes speculated to be involved in an ataxia phenotype based on expert opinion. 

We are excited to bring these and other new tests to your patients and families. Please refer to website or contact us for more information.