Monogenic diabetes mellitus includes a heterogeneous group of diabetes types that are caused by pathogenic variants in single genes. It is estimated that the monogenic forms of diabetes could represent as much as 5% of all cases of diabetes mellitus. The main phenotypes associated with a monogenic cause of diabetes include, maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY), neonatal diabetes mellitus (NDM), and very rare diabetes-associated syndromes.  

The Monogenic Diabetes Panel includes sequence and deletion/duplication analysis of over 60 nuclear genes and the analysis of three mitochondrial mutations (m.3243A>G, m.8296A>G, m.14709T>C) that are associated with diabetes and deafness. 

6 weeks
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Deletion/Duplication analysis
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Cultured Cells
Extracted DNA
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Any gene in the Neonatal Diabetes/MODY Panel can also be ordered individually (excluding the CEL gene). Please contact us directly for cost and CPT code information.